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We made half of the bread into cinnamon rolls. I made the cinnamon with half a stick of melted butter 2 table spoons of sugar. You want to be able to see the sugar after lots of mixing. then add so much cinnamon that it looks like you added cocoa powder. (a lot of it). You can also you this like normal butter or do what I did. I rolled out half of the dough then cut it into about 2 finger wide pieces. I then wet one part of the dough then put the paste on. I baked then for about 15 mins at 430˚ then checked on them and did the same thing (15 mins at 430˚)

next post is video of me creating birthday art for my families friend Mr Chin. this should be up pretty soon about 24 hours.


  • NINE DAYSSSSSSSSSSSS! I’m so exited, my plans are to go to my beach house with my best friend. Actually I don’t know if she’s my best friend, at school she acts like she hates me but then when its just me and her, maybe one or two people from school she acts like she likes me and is her friend. What should I do? If you were allowed to comment on these posts I would like some advice. The reason you can’t comment on these posts is because my mother set a setting on this so you can’t comment hate or even good stuff.

Some techy things for you

  1. changing the color of your Home Screen, this will effect how your photos may be taken. To start go into settings and look for accessibility, in accessibility go to display and text size, go down to the bottom. At the bottom look for color filters then make it your fav color
  2. if you ever have auto correct annoy you there is a setting to prevent that. In settings go to General, then go to keyboard. Look for Text Replacement, when you get there try and figure out what abbreviations you can use. Apple already has one ready for you, OMW, I say you should do PLS to please, and U to you.
  3. if you have a foreign language keyboard you might understand how hard it can be to type on the on screen keyboard. start by going into settings – general – keyboard – keyboards, from there look at your English keyboard and it should be on the type called QWERTY. Look at all your other keyboards and then change them to QWERTY so your hands don’t have to memorize a bunch of onscreen Keyboards.

Cali (spring break) Update #1

Sooooooooo, my little brother has been a little crazy, my sister on the other hand has been really kinda cute. My sis can cay some words like hi, yes, no, and some names. My sis is 16 months, she can also walk and run. We went for a walk and got some Starbucks, and went to a playground. At the playground my sis played with a basketball. Today is my first full day in cali with my dad, my brother is at school from sometime to 3 in the afternoon. My brother is 6. All the people with siblings can realize they have fun with them but sometimes you have fights. Something kinda weird/funny happened yesterday. My brother held something with an evil smile and laughed, the thing he was holding was kinda dangerous. I screamed and told my dad (believes everything my bro does)

Next update coming soon!

Awesome Book

Last winter I read a book called Belly Up By Stuart Gibbs. Belly Up is about this boy, Teddy Fitzroy (Teddy) It’s about a kid whose parents work at a zoo/theme park and later a animal is found dead so Teddy has to investigate the crime. He finds a friend to help him, she helps him weave through Marge the security guard and the whole entire zoo. Teddy has to make sure he is not found belly up before the mystery ends.

This amazing book is part of the fun jungle series

Fishing Off The End

A few days ago my friends and I went fishing of the end of our street and we got a bunch of bites. One of my friends broke a fishing pole and another got the hook stuck on a dock because he cast so far. At the end of my street there is a house, a dock (from a different house), and a boat ramp. When we were done fishing one of my 3 friends left to Go home and, my two other friends stayed outside until we all had to go in for dinner. That night was very fun.

This is the dock that my friend got the pole stuck on

In the comments…

Please would you add some comments about what you want me to build or make next. So on the last post I gave an award and that was just me personally but I hope you like it too.


12 movies to watch with teens/kids

These movies are funny, kid appropriate and the best movies ever for kids.

Parental Guidance, The Pink Panther 1+2, Jinxed, Princess Diaries 1+2, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Madeline, Nanny McPhee, Marry Poppins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Night at the Museum, The Game Plan and Bedtime Stories.

Thank you for staying on with my blog even though I have not been on lately.

This dollhouse is for a small dollhouse doll

Look at the clothing it should be described as a old fashioned doll

Today June 15 New York

All the people are hiding like bears in the winter.where are all of the people!most windows are closed but why.most windows never open at all,not even for some fresh air.usually it’s loud and nosy but the noise has stoped like a bug when it gets caught.I LOVE CRAFTING so today you will learn how to make a nightlight you will need glow in the dark hot glue parchment paper and a jar that closes.first use a hot glue gun and put the hot glue on it in any SMALL shape now keep on doing this until the jar is filled ALMOST all the way.

My favorite crafts and other things

Doll houses , shakers and clothing for dolls today I will tell you how you how to make some of these. For the doll house you need a hot glue gun a big box and some scraps of stuff you could cut up also some stuffing.oh almost forgot to tell you,you need some card board.first take the cardboard and make a second floor. If you have some fabric and some rice and a cleaned kinder egg put the rice in the egg and hot glue the fabric on the egg.if you have some stuffing make a bed and be creative find some stuff from your house and of you go!


Hi there , I’m Juliette but people call me J. I have wanted to this because I watched Julie and Julia. To start this off I will tell a little about myself. I live in New York , in the summer it’s Long Beach Island. and soon I will have some friends to help and support me. I like to say summer is like a never ending weekend. That’s one thing that I like about summer. I also like swimming , sailing and doing stuff with my friends.

Summer is or could be a very long weekend,some people do not now what to do with this long weekend but I now what to do. first you need to read my poem

Hi summer hola summer it came so soon hot and cold hot for the heat and cold for the water summer is so much fun

Play in the warm and soft sand we like to swim some like to dad and I fish with my cousin and my uncle